S L M Bodywork

Mind and Body Balance

SLM bodywork is a form of massage or myotherapy that uses a unique combination of acupressure and massage techniques to manipulate the body's soft tissue to put length and function back into the muscles. If the body is unbalanced the muscles start to compensate which can cause pain, decreased flexibility, and weight gain. In a  typical treatment, an SLM practitioner will assess your body to locate any imbalance or twists that may be causing you pain. It uses hot towels, my hands and oil I work on your whole body manipulating your soft tissue to unblock tight muscles that are bound and also stimulate weak or inactive muscles. The aim of SLM bodywork is to balance the body at a deep structural level and allow it to function normally.  As a trained SLM practitioner, I know how different muscles in the body are connected and how problems in one area can refer pain to a totally different area.  To optimise SLM bodywork, attention is also given to diet and exercise.

soft tissue therapy