Crystal Singing Bowls Healing Sound Meditation

Let's talk about Sound Healing. What is sound healing? How can sound heal? According to French doctor Alfred Tomatis, the sound is to the nervous system what food is to the physical body. When you think about it, music can relax or energize us, make us happy or sad, and unwanted noise set us completely on edge. We are in the infancy of understanding how sound affects us and can be used to heal our dis-ease.

Sound is a sensation caused by an object or object vibrating. Virtually, everything in the universe is vibrating. Therefore, whether we hear it or not, everything has a sound and vibration of its own. When something happens to alter the normal vibratory patterns in our body then dis-ease sets in. By restoring the normal vibratory pattern to the discordant or diseased area the body can re-establish true health. Sound is one way of restoring your vibratory pattern.

Vibratory remedies operate on a number of principles the first being resonance. Resonance can be broadly defined as "the impact of one vibration on another" it literally means "to send again, to echo." Something external sets something in motion and causes something else to change its vibratory rate. In vibrational healing, resonance is used to create entrainment. this is

where two vibrations come into step with each other. Through resonance and entrainment, the body can be brought back into harmony and an improved state of health.

Ted Andrews writes "With the crystal bowls, the oscillation of the sound, and the resonance to it by the body, affects a micro-massage of the systems, tissues, and cells of the body."

Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Meditation

The crystal singing bowl meditations combine the healing tones of the bowls with the practice of meditation. As well as meditating, you will also have the opportunity to just experience the crystal singing bowls with nothing else to do.

An objective of the crystal singing bowl meditations will be to explore and expand your practice whether you are a beginner, sporadic or experienced meditator. The foundation of the meditations will be using the breath to reach a calm and tranquil state. From this foundation, other forms of meditation will be explored in different sessions, such as visualization, insight, and guided meditations.

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