Calm Meditation

Updated: Jul 18

Calm or tranquil meditation is based on mindfulness of the breath. You become aware of and watch each exhalation and each inhalation. Through calm meditation, you can start to understand the nature of your mind. It can take you beyond rapidly or irregularly passing thoughts jumping from one subject to another. Calm mediation can stop your thoughts from rambling, digressing, and proceeding by reasoning and argument rather than intuition. It can take us beyond the thoughts that cause us dissatisfaction and suffering by taking us to a place of inner peace.

Focusing on the Breath

By focusing on the breath we become aware of the moment to moment process of breathing. By observing the breath and not judging it ie “good” or “bad”, “shallow” or “deep” and not attempting to change if we bring awareness to the moment to moment process of breathing. This puts you in touch with your body and can bring profound and deep inner peace. If thoughts arise try not to follow them, acknowledge the thought, become aware of the thought, label it a thought and then let it go. Take your awareness back to your breathing. Remember meditation is a willingness to sit down and try, being aware of the turbulence of the mind, and not judging the process as “I’m not meditating”.

Controlling the Mind

When we realize and accept that we are not the masters of our minds and that thoughts will arise and pass, meditation becomes easier. Attempts to control thoughts coming and going are doomed to failure. Meditation is a discipline that brings awareness of the mind and the natural process of thoughts arising and passing. Awareness of this and bringing your attention back to your breathing when thoughts arise can bring peace and calm.

By practicing mindful breathing and mindful awareness gradually the mind quietens and concentration improves. The desire to follow thoughts and fantasies decreases. Mental turbulence settles into a calm stillness and inner peace. Meditation can become a refuge from the stress and tension of daily life.


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